IT Governance

Remaining competitive in today’s market requires an IT environment that is highly responsive to the needs of your customers as well as agile enough to respond timely to market changes.  Additionally, an effective IT Governance program is critical to synchronize and align strategic and operational objectives and requirements with IT operations.

When properly implemented, organizational leaders will notice a significant improvement in decision-making capabilities.

AVERED GmbH consultants will help you.  Through the use of proven methods, our consultants will assist you with implementing and sustaining best practices to improve responsiveness, effectiveness and control of your IT operations.

Our IT Governance support includes:

    • Ensuring clear decision-making responsibilities for services and management processes
    • Proper IT Governance Architecture Management for infrastructure, services and data
    • Proper resource allocation with clear roles and controls
    • Process optimization and maturity
    • Reducing costs while at the same time increasing the value of your programs and projects.

At end-state, we will furnish a “tailor-made” solution for you that will “mirror” your business needs!

Consulting :: Strategic to Operational